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Settle This Thing on Chicago's WGN
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Married comedians Tamara Bick & Drew Antzis (comedy writers/directors - Second City, Funny Or Die, Comedy Central, HBO) ask the audience to help resolve some hilarious marital disputes. Bick/Antzis discuss sexparenting, dealing with their in-laws and much more as they share with you their scientific-ish conclusions on what makes a marriage work.

"Like their predecessors Alice and Ralph Kramden, Lucy and Desi Ricardo, Wilma and Fred Flintstone…Tamara Bick and Drew Antzis are the bickering married couple for the Internet age."  

 -Debbie Fein-Goldbach Now Toronto  

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CBC - Homerun Interview - Bick/Antzis
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“I loved working with Drew and Tamara. Their ideas were original, creative, funny and, most importantly, specific – which made my job really easy.  Also they are just really great people to be around, who make long days feel short.”  

                                                            -Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory,  CBS


“Drew and Tamara are a power director duo - they give full hearts, minds and dedication to a project from start to finish. Despite the crazy schedule and deliverables, they got everything everyone was extremely happy with, all while laughing and being great to work with. Looking forward to more!" 
                                                                                                                     -Jihye Ku, Line Producer W+K New York

"Drew Antzis is a great director and collaborator...very funny and very versatile."                 -Mike Farah, CEO Funny or Die

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"(bick/antzis) were perfect creative partners that took our project to the next level in every way."                                                    -Steven Amato,  CEO/Chief Content Officer - Contend